Asba Gen

Anallergic, sterile, reabsorbable

horse collagen dressing


Surgery, implantology, periodontology.

Asbagen is indicated to assure haemostasis and clot stabilization, since it helps bone mass cicatrization and regeneration.

Asbagen is a haemostatic product composed of purified, type I, lyophilised, native, microfibril horse collagen.

Asbagen is an anallergic, sterile and totally reabsorbable product.

Asbagen stimulates haemostasis by both catalysing platelet aggregation when blood comes in contact with collagen, and by activating VIII and XII coagulation factors, and therefore leading to fibrin and clot formation.

Thanks to enzymatic degradation, Asbagen is completely absorbed.




Asbagen is supplied in the following sizes:

blister pack containing 60 - 1 x 1 cm pads.


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